The Befores and Afters

Show me a photo I’m in from the last couple of years and my mind will sort it into one of two categroies- “pre-pandemic” or “during pandemic.” NPR recently asked for photos submissions of the last photo on your phone pre-pandemic and the first photo after COVID. Show me a photo I’m in from the […]

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Less is More?

My years, my husband has sworn that the now-trendy insulated Kinco gloves are, hands down, the best ski hand wear. Now that hey are trendy, he also¬†swears that he was wearing them before they were cool, obviously he’s just a trend-setter. He’s also been trying to convince me of this for years. But mittens, with […]

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Can we stop with the tipis?

I’m a sucker for cute woodland animals (ok, and prehistoric animals, too). I think I’m not alone (though perhaps I am in my age bracket) as I’ve seen lots of prints lately with cartoon foxes, raccoons, rabbits, bears, moose, squirrel, hedgehogs…and tipis. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe most of the aforementioned […]

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A Tale of Two Runners

When it comes to pregnancy, fertility, and life in general, there are lots of surprises. Some of us our surprised by how difficult it is to get or stay pregnant, others come up against the opposite. Sarah Brown, an elite runner in the midst of training for the Rio Olympics, found out she was expecting […]

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