Camping Hack- For Couples in the Frontcountry

This is good enough for Pinterest, right?

Featured image

Instead of buying a double size sleeping pads (you might sometimes want to camp solo) or a fancy “coupler” from Thermarest…use an old sheet to stay close to your partner!

We use a jersey knit twin or full size FITTED sheet over our sleeping pads. One of us has a super thick pad (thank you ex-boyfriend),  so one of us doubles up on pads to be at the same height.

Also pictured- 4mil thick painter’s drop cloth from hardware store cut into a ground cloth. Oftern cheaper and lighter than a tarp. We use it inside the tent and cut it big enough to “bathtub” up the sides so the edges of our tent can’t leak on us. Sure, it doesn’t protect our tent from abrasion like a traditional ground cloth but it keeps us pretty darn dry.

Camp on!

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