Trendy Veggies

With so many pictures of Pinterest Fails out there, I sometimes wonder how many people actually succeed with Pinterest creations. I’d see many posts of recipes using one of the two trendy diet veggies we grow at my work- cauliflower and spaghetti squash, and figured I may was well try it out. I just kind of guessed as far as which of these recipes might be the most worthwhile – I wasn’t cooking these veggies for a diet so it had better taste good.

My boss, the farm owner, thinks spaghetti squash doesn’t even qualify as food as far as his taste buds are concerned, but he happily grows it for the taste buds of others. My memories of my mom cooking spaghetti squash with pasta sauce seemed alright, but barley worth the extra work of cooking the squash instead of pasta (remember, I’m not on a diet).

So, to make something different, I found a spaghetti squash and greens gratin recipe. At first I found the recipe annoyingly time consuming, and just like many (tasty) Moosewood Cookbook dishes. And I was thinking yeah, right, maybe spaghetti squash really isn’t food if it takes this much time and dairy product (what isn’t good with melted cheese!) to make it palatable.

But then it was so good I would make it again! And really, worth the effort. This buffalo cauliflower recipe was great, too. And, I tried some peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread recipe which obviously was worth it.

There you have it, not everyone who makes Pinterest creations fails, who knows, you might not either!

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